In the late 1970′s drought and warfare forced the Mursi to migrate in search of ba lalini, cool ground. We work for land and livelihood  security, and peace, ‘cool ground’, for the people of lower Omo, Ethiopia.

Omo River late 2011 the level has dropped since then-002 IMG_1557









260,000 People Threatened by Dam and Irrigation Development in Ethiopia

Machinery upgrading road for sugar plantations near Hana, Bodi Area
Ethiopian government development plans in the lower Omo Valley are endangering people from 17 ethnic groups near the Omo River, and Lake Turkana, Kenya. Reports of killings, rape, beatings and imprisonment have followed.

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The Gibe III Dam, plantations and a forced resettlement program, as well as the offtake of the Omo River water needed by Lake Turkana, are endangering the ethnic groups. International donors, DFID and USAID, have been accused of providing support for developing the resettlement program (DFID). Read more…

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Source Material on Human Rights Violations in South Omo, Ethiopia

Here are archives of human rights violations by topic, plantations, the Gibe III Dam and the Omo River, and international donors.

plantation thumbnail IMG_1442 Road construction to the plantations from the USAID-DFID car January 2012
Plantations Omo River and Gibe III Dam DFID and USAID