In the late 1970′s drought and warfare forced the Mursi to migrate in search of ba lalini, cool ground. We work for land and livelihood  security, and peace, ‘cool ground’, for the people of lower Omo, Ethiopia.

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The Mursi-Bodi Community Conservancy

Brief of the Mursi Community Conservation Area

The Mursi, Bodi, and Kwegu indigenous groups of southwest Ethiopia have been granted permission for a joint community wildlife conservation area (CCA) after 13 years of petitioning the Ethiopian government. This 500,000-acre area is their ancestral territory. It has giraffe, elephant, lion, cape buffalo, endangered African wild dog, cheetah, leopard, hippo and many other species. These three groups will manage the conservation area and employ scouts from the communities. The CCA will provide economic development for the three groups that have experienced hunger in recent years.


Mursi Territory and the Omo and Mago National Parks


Local Groups’ Territories within the Omo National Park

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